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Aluminum Boat Paint Near Me. The longevity of the paint job is completely dependent on the quality of prep, so prep is more important than most boat owners think. With over 3,500 boats repaired and counting our experience is trusted by local dealerships and insurance companies.

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Aluminum boat paint dries to a low sheen finish that hides imperfections. Available in a full windshield (sport), side console (ss) and tiller. The majority of work involved in painting a boat is prep.

Before Spending The Time Painting An Aluminum Boat, It’s A Good Idea To Inspect It For Functionality.

The shelves of west marine stores are stocked with a wide assortment of marine paint. If you would like a fiberglass or aluminum boat repair quote you can email us at [email protected] business hours: Provided that you stringently adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions, it will be a lot easier to makeover the metal surface instantly.

This Boat Paint For Aluminum Offers Protection Against Corrosion, Abrasion, Chemicals, And Uv Rays.

Estimator on staff until 5pm monday through friday. Totalboat aluminum boat paint is definetely one of the best boat paints for aluminum. Buy boat paint near me.

Brand New Boats At Your Local Boat Dealer.

The best thing about the use of this product is that the process is plain sailing that even beginners can handle the job. Also look for our dealer certification program! Look for corrosion and cracks and determine if the transom needs replacing.

There's Nothing Better For Your Boat Or The Environment!

Use the duralux marine enamels directly to the fiberglass. Prime with yacht white primer m741; 10 best paints for aluminum boat aluminum boat green marine enamel m736 totalboat totaltread non skid paint

Aluma Hawk’s Unique Dual Purpose Phenolic Resin, Allows It To Be Used As A Primer Directly On Metal With Or Without A Topcoat.

Sanding, repairing, fairing, taping, priming, and cleaning the surface are learned skills. I will allow owners to do prep, but won’t guarantee the paint job will last. Check along the keel and strakes for small holes that may leak and use something like jb weld to repair the damage.

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