Anti Slip Paint For Tiles

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Anti Slip Paint For Tiles. The coating is like a layer of paint that is applied only on the dry floor all over the necessary areas. The treatment works immediately and the process is irreversible.


We have been catering for home and business owners who need high quality anti slip treatment for ceramic tiles. The simplest anti slip solution for tiles, wood and other common substrates; Slip based accidents are quite common on wet surfaces.

We Have Been Catering For Home And Business Owners Who Need High Quality Anti Slip Treatment For Ceramic Tiles.

To protect your employees, customers, loved ones or even pets, certain surfaces need extra traction. There are plenty of solutions available to make the floor non slippery and prevent unwanted accidents. There are mainly two sizes in which these are available, 300×300 mm and 295×295 mm.

The Coating Is Like A Layer Of Paint That Is Applied Only On The Dry Floor All Over The Necessary Areas.

We can help you improve the safety of your flooring, regardless of the surface type. It works by altering surface texture, while maintaining the floor's appearance and is suitable for use around bathrooms, patios, pools and steps. Spot hazards on outdoor and roof access areas.

There Is Very Little Down Time, Normally You May Walk On After 2 Hours From Completion.

Choose the right anti slip coating for all areas of your floors. Protect your family, staff and public. If you would like any more information about non slip floor paint for your project, our experts are here to help.

Anti Slip Tile Treatments Can Prevent A Careless Step On Your Slippery Tile Floor Leading To Unwanted Injuries And Even Hospitalization.

Texture of floor changes after application of anti slip. Slip and fall accidents can be a big deal for old folks, toddlers and women during pregnancy. Secure not only yourself but also your elderly parents, kids, visitors and everyone who visits your place from slipping and getting hurt.

The Contractor Will Provide Advice On How To Clean And Maintain The Tile.

Warns visually impaired people of the presence of specific hazards for. Thanks to the anti slip coating, you can move easily anywhere across the floor without the worry of falling down. Suitable for interior and exterior use on concrete, steel and wooden floors.

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