Breathedge Lead Paint Chapter 2

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Breathedge Lead Paint Chapter 2. Similarly to metal, it can be found in the form of a sphere and smaller debris nearby. Click here if you were looking for a chapter 1 walkthrough instead.

Sonamy Comic Proposal Chapter 1 Pg 3. by
Sonamy Comic Proposal Chapter 1 Pg 3. by from

Posted by 2 years ago. Inside, you will find lead paint and you will obtain a new resource blueprint as soon as you collect it. Log in or sign up to leave a comment.

This Page Of The Breathedge Guide Shows How To Access The Mayo Ship.

This one is located next to the section where there are like 3 or 4 huge mayonnaise like substance bubbles among a huge white debris where you need to spin and unclamp. Posted by 2 years ago. Insufficient paint *spoilers* am i missing something, or why can i only find 6 paint + 1 lead paint, it's not nearly enough to craft every single piece of gear in the story mode?

Bring It To Point No.

Is there a way to obtain paint or lead paint in the 2nd chapter? It doesn’t spawn that commonly, but it can be crafted after you find it for the first time. During its course, you will unlock a new, small location and reduce the radiation in the area.

Inside, You Will Find Lead Paint And You Will Obtain A New Resource Blueprint As Soon As You Collect It.

This action is a part of lower radiation, a story. Where is the paint in chapter 2?? In this section of the breathedge guide you will learn how to acquire common resources for crafting.

There Is A Cave There, Where You Can Get Both Lead And Paint.

This is my chapter 2 and 3 walkthrough. This page of the breathedge guide shows how to access the military base in chapter 2. (1), where the smuggler's body can be found.

I Have Gone Back To The Spot In Chapter 1, All The Tanks Are Empty And I’ve Search Far And Wide In This Area For Small Pieces Floating But Nothing??

Except for a few spots where you can find it laying around inside shuttles/ military base, you can always find lead in the same spot where you get the paint. This page of the breathedge guide shows how to access the military base in chapter 2. Lead paint is a rare resource in breathedge that’s required to make it through the story.

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