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Draw Cartoon Cat Face. Now students have one more option with a tutorial for how to draw a scary cat. Draw a pair of pupils.

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cute cat cartoon Cute cat face, Cat face drawing, Cat face from www.pinterest.co.kr

Draw a pair of pupils. Draw a beard on your face. Any cat owner (or cat’s human) will tell you that felines have very expressive faces.

How To Draw A Cat Face.

Add the eye frames to the pupils. Before we draw anything you must sketch helper lines, remember this step is so important. You will need black and any color for the iris.

Draw Two Hollow Ovals Side By Side, Half A Centimeter Apart For The Eyes.

First, draw the cat’s head. Draw the cat’s nose and mouth. How to draw cat face.

Draw Two Details In The Central Part Of The Head Of The Cartoon Cat, As Shown In The Picture.

Draw a cartoon cat face. 16 nov 2021 how to draw a realistic animal by sergey | posted in: Now add ears to the head.

Not To Mention That The Image Quality And The Colors Of The Old Photo Are Still Maintained In The New One.

No need for brown and gray kitties here. To draw the ears of the cat, use pointed shapes that look like triangles. Outline its body, and draw both feet at the same time.

Repeat The Previous Step And Depict The Same Smooth Lines At The Bottom Of The Eye.

Realistic cat face drawing tutorial. Up next, we're going to dig deeper into cartoon expressions. Draw the cheeks and try to make the first one you draw the same with the second one.

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