Easy Elephant Drawing Tutorial

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Easy Elephant Drawing Tutorial. The elephant has big ears and a long trunk, tusks, and thick legs. No matter what you want to do, there is no better way to enjoy one of the oldest mammals on earth.

How to Draw a Baby Elephant Really Easy Drawing Tutorial
How to Draw a Baby Elephant Really Easy Drawing Tutorial from www.pinterest.com

Outline the head and ears. Don’t draw it, just picture it. Step 3) erase the lines we don’t need anymore.

Simply Scroll Down The Page To See The Illustrated Steps.

You can show this with a line of the spine or an arrow as it is shown in the. I am sure that you will enjoy this lesson and enjoy the creative process. Stick with us till the end because we are going to teach you “how to draw an easy elephant” steps to draw an elephant easy.

How To Draw An Easy Elephant Step By Step.

Step by step tutorial for how to draw an elephant. Kids may even want to draw them as well. Now you will learn how to draw a baby elephant.

Elephants Seem Slow And Clumsy, But In Fact, These.

The baby elephant looks very. Today we will learn how to draw an elephant. Next, draw the shape of the elephant.

This Guide Is Very Simple And Consists Of Only Nine Easy Steps.

Follow along with our easy elephant drawing tutorial and learn how to create a realistic elephant sketch like the one below in just 16 easy steps! During this tutorial, we will take a look at all of the basic elements of how to draw an elephant, create textural detail, and finish it with a realistic color coat that includes highlights and shadows. These drawings of elephants will be easy and great for beginners and those learning to draw.

1 Steps To Draw An Elephant Easy.

Think of a box that’s just a bit longer on the sides than it is high. Also, if you’ve never tried my paper folding trick to give students quick drawing guides, this is the perfect project to give it a try. To draw an elephant in motion, you should mark the direction of this motion.

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