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House Plant Colorful Leaves. But if you're looking for something more permanent than a bouquet, it's time to explore the world of house plants. Purple passion plant has something of a vining habit, so it's an excellent choice for.

fittonia, variegated leaves, house plant, bright, colorful
fittonia, variegated leaves, house plant, bright, colorful from

With more than 60 different types of indoor plants in our exclusive list, you will have no problem picking the best houseplants for your home!. Enter the length or pattern for better results. This is one unique houseplant that we love.

With More Than 60 Different Types Of Indoor Plants In Our Exclusive List, You Will Have No Problem Picking The Best Houseplants For Your Home!.

Working in the interior landscape industry for more than 30 years, i have cared for most of the indoor house plants that you would find in the average home. The fascinating colorful leaves add plenty of interest together with orchids, calatheas, or bird’s nest ferns. With such a vast variety of houseplants available, it becomes quite tough to choose one that’s best for you.

Its Colorful Foliage Can Also Be Speckled Splotched Or Veined.

Dracaena ‘tricolor’ has long, narrow green leaves that are edged in both cream and pink. This houseplant is easily one of the most common and easy to grow plants out there. Since it is a large indoor houseplant, you can place it in your living room to create a bold statement.

The Leaves Of A Plant Can Be Colorful Or Have Distinct Patterns That Help Identify Them.

Purple emperor sedum plants are simple to grow. Originally from the solomon islands, this vine can grow in pretty much any condition. Once it has grown to about 2 feet, it makes a beautiful focal point on a table, windowsill, or shelf.

For Instance, When Putting Search Terms Into A Web Browser, You Should Also Include Any Patterns That You See On The Leaves.

Each indoor house plant's picture is linked to a page with how to care for the indoor house plants. Speaking of foliage plants for color, coleus is well known for its numerous color variations, from green to those edged with pink, red, purple, and gold or white. For hot, sunny borders and exotic planting plans, this is a great option.

It Is One Of The Known Houseplants To Add Some Color To Your Space.

Nothing adds a splash of color to the home like fresh flowers, especially when you don't have a backyard or garden of your own. For instance, some green leaves will have what looks like paint splatters on them that are yellow or white. Some species of plants have natural red leaves.

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