How To Draw Eyeliner Step By Step

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How To Draw Eyeliner Step By Step. Winged style eyeliner is the one that is curved from the center along the lashes and leads outwards and upwards from the corner to add a little length. To do winged eyeliner, start by applying eyeliner to your upper lash line, working from the inner corner of your eye outward.

6 Easy Ways To Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner!
6 Easy Ways To Create Perfect Winged Eyeliner! from

A day with a beautiful wing can add a smile to faces and a messed up wing spoils the way you look altogether. How to apply eyeliner that's even, straight, and really. Start with a clean base.

Winged Style Eyeliner Is The One That Is Curved From The Center Along The Lashes And Leads Outwards And Upwards From The Corner To Add A Little Length.

For him cat gaze you can also get more of the eyeliner. If you want the eye to have eyeliner on the lower eyelash line, darken that line as well. Next, draw a straight line from the tip of the wing to your upper lash line.

Fill In The Lines And Make The Eyeliner Look Even As Shown Above.

From the end, draw an internal flick with a slight bend. If you are a beginner, do not and never start drawing your liner at once because it will result in a wavy or uneven eyeliner. The primer’s main job is to make the skin smoother so that it becomes easier to apply makeup.

Apply Eyelid Primer And Mascara (Optional).

Of course, the thicker this line, the more dramatic the cat eye will. It makes the eyes look larger and more sexy too. 29+ how to draw eyeliner step by step gif.

What I’m Going To Do Is Hold My Eyelid Up So That The Skin Is A Little Bit Tauter, And I’m Going To Bring The First Line Of The Winged Liner Straight Down.

Instead of drawing rows of hairs that start in neat lines, make hairs that overlap each other. Put on an eyelid primer to help draw a row of dots or dashes. Then, draw a thin diagonal line coming off of the outer corner of your eye.

A Day With A Beautiful Wing Can Add A Smile To Faces And A Messed Up Wing Spoils The Way You Look Altogether.

Keep the inner corner sharp and pointing downwards. To make your eyes sexy and magical a slim and winged eyeliner is always chic with some flirty touch. This is especially important if you want the eye to have eyeliner or heavy mascara.

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