How To Paint A Guitar Pickguard

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How To Paint A Guitar Pickguard. I'd make sure i sanded the pickguard first so the paint bites in and bonds better. I have a project pickguard that i painted psychedelic art on ( a reproduction of the hendrix art on his v), and i used games workshop warhammer paint, along with the brush applied clear coat.

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I'm giving it a shot and will report later. 36 how to transform your guitar pickguard for five dollars; I can't find the particular one i would need anywhere.

Make A Diy Custom Guitar Pickguard:

I can't find the particular one i would need anywhere. I don't remember what i used, probably krylon, and it was fine. I have a friend that wants to paint my 76 explorer guard and am not sure how would be the best way to preserve it.

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37 chang the color of the pick guard guitar with spray paint. I think any cheap silver spray paint will work although i might stay away from lacquer. Any scratching marks will also transfer up through the paint / clearcoat.

Thats Really The Only Way To Paint Your Own Pickguard.

Bottles you get at the hobby shop, is made to adhere to plastic. I believe it is enamel paint (for brush use), and available in a tons of colors (and cheap). The guitar is metallic red and the pickguard is white.

Ok, I Unscrewed The Pickguard From My Silvertone Today After I Got Done Playing It To Clean It Off (For The 1St Time.

Archives bass guitar lutherie and modding > how do i paint a pickguard? And one of the most interesting tricks that if your guitar pickguard does not wear down or either become very thin and flimsy or slowly start peeling off, you totally can have like a new one just by decorating it with markers or paint, such a very customizing, interesting as well as inexpensive way! Acrylic paint would work fine probably, and you may want to lightly sand the area you're painting so the paint can stick to something.

You Might Get A Small Piece Of Clear Acrylic From A Home Center And Practice Before You Start On The Pickguard.

I have the guitar done, just need that pickguard's paint to work lol. Click to copy post link. 36 how to transform your guitar pickguard for five dollars;

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