How To Strip Paint From Deck And Stain

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How To Strip Paint From Deck And Stain. Sanding and new finish preparation. Both techniques can be used for removing paint.

How To Strip and Stain Your Deck
How To Strip and Stain Your Deck from

First, scrape off as much of the old solid color deck stain as you can with a paint scraper as a deck stripper. Tape plastic over nearby siding, cover or wet down bushes. Allow the stain remover about 15 to 30 minutes to soak and soften the stain;

Scrub Off The Solid Color Deck Stain First, Scrape Off As Much Of The Old Solid Color Deck Stain As You Can With A Paint Scraper As A Deck Stripper.

One of the biggest mistakes diy homeowners make in cleaning and preparing a wood deck for stain is not removing all remnants of old deck stain. You’ll need to wear some safetygoggles and probably a dust mask when you begin to strip the wood, it will make for a much more comfortable experience. Test wood to see if slippery.

I Applied The Cleaner Using A Pump Sprayer After Diluting It 1:1 With Water As Per Instructions.

Now that we have covered chemicals to strip paint and stain from a deck, let’s get into the mechanical methods. Then it's ready for a good wash down, then let it dry. If you’re recoating with a darker stain, it might cover the remaining old coating.

Wipe Down The Dust And Stain Again.

Once the final coat of stain is dry, go back over with the 220 grit sandpaper and apply dark wax (or polyurethane) to protect the finish. Now you should protect it again to keep it looking great. Stripping and cleaning of the boards are an important step to ensuring that the stain will last a long time.

If You’re Planning To Stain Your Deck A Lighter Color Than The Coating You Removed, You’ll Need To Make Sure The Wood Is Stripped Bare So The Old Coating Doesn’t Show Through.

Give it a good scrub down the deck boards, then across them. A stripping spray is a good first step to take before you start to sand the wood, this will cause the old paint on the wood to bubble and lift. Both techniques can be used for removing paint.

You’ll See The Dirt Coming Loose From The Timber.

That'll loosen the stain or oil right up. Apply the stain stripper with a pump up sprayer. At the same time, be sure the paint stripper is potent enough to dissolve paint.

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