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Lab Tubes Order Of Draw. The recommended order is as follows: See below the order of draw chart currently in use as best practice guidelines.

Lab Draw Order Of Tubes
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Used only to remove air from tubing. As you may already know, blood must be drawn and collected in tubes in a specific order, known as the order of draw. If a coag tube (light blue) is the only tube or the first tube to be drawn, a 5 ml discard tube must be drawn first.

Used Only To Remove Air From Tubing.

Many phlebotomists u se a mnemonic device to make the memorization process a bit easier. Blood cultures invert 8 to 10 times 2. Patient’s full legal name (as it appears on the requisition) second.

Since We Know Which Additives Adversely Affect Which Tests, We Can Arrange The Tubes And Blood Culture Bottles So That Any Carryover Is Irrelevant.

Phlebotomy order of draw is the same for specimens collected by syringe, tube holder, or into tubes preevacuated at the time of collection. Tube volume determinations instructions green fa plus blood culture bottle (410851) microbiology to exclude the possibility of septicaemia 1 x set of blood culture bottles: It is vital that the order is followed to avoid cross contamination of the additives within the tubes which may affect the accuracy of the test results.

Blood Culture Vials Are To Be Collected First In Order Of Draw (Before Any Blood Tubes).

Blood collection tubes & the order of draw version 8/2018 07/2010. Phlebotomy tubes and order of draw. Blood collection order of draw mixing chart separation clot spin pour into transport vial label with specimen type and patient id for other blood, serum or plasma separation instructions, see the specimen collection and handling section of this directory.

Esr Tubes Must Be Full Draw Volume.

Fluoride oxalate tubes must be full draw volume. Using the incorrect order of draw will have a negative effect upon your laboratory test results. That arrangement is the order of draw.

This Is Known As The Order Of Draw.

In this example, the tubes that make the order of draw are identified by color. 4/13/2020 page 2 of 5 3. Unfortunately, this order can be hard to remember for those in training and even those in the field.

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