Metal Roofing Paint Systems

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Metal Roofing Paint Systems. These faux zinc colors come in a variety of gray finishes that look authentic, but at about 1/3 the price of real zinc. Colors shown represent the actual color as closely as possible.

How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost Compared to Shingles?
How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost Compared to Shingles? from

We want you to be able to choose which panels will make the most sense for you. If you have a heavier gauge panel, pvdf paint is typically more recommended than smp. This easy to apply roof coating system will provide many years of durable protection and outstanding beauty, and will extend the roof’s life.

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Pvdf & smp paint coatings painted metal roofing in two types of paint systems deciding between pvdf panels or smp panels for your new metal roof?we’re here to help. Zinc colored metal roofing panels are designed to mimic the look of an old zinc metal roof. Of course, there are always exceptions and stipulations depending on your project’s specifications and desired color.

So While The Apparent Difference Involves The Number Of Coating Layers, There Are Other Important Differences.

Our simulated slate metal roofing panel is the most realistic metal slate ever produced. The next step is to determine the color of your metal roof. First, the quality varies greatly between manufacturers depending on the type of pigment used (ceramic systems outperform organic and inorganic type systems).

Significant Cost Savings When Compared To Real Zinc.

They can also provide specific energy saving qualities. Smp is a mid level paint system that's a good value for your money, cost less, and is a lesser quality paint system when compared to pvdf painted panels. Durapon 70® pvdf h/s fluorocarbon coatings.

Metal Roofing Is Much Stronger And More Durable Than Asphalt Shingle Roofing.

As a manufacturer of panels with both types of paint systems, we are often asked which is better. It offers unique chiselling, authentic cracking, splitting and chips for a realistic resemblance. Standard pvdf (kynar 500®) colors are the first and lowest priced group.

Smp Is Usually Considered A Step Below Pvdf In Terms Of Performance In Standing Seam Metal Roofing.

However, smp paint systems still have lower performance than kynar 500® systems. 5 tips to pick the best metal. They represent the bulk of metal roof and wall panel colors used in the industry.

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