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Old Paint Disposal Central Coast. The resulting commodities are sorted and transported to a range of markets both nationally and internationally for recycling into beneficial products. We all know you cannot just pour paint in the drains and you can’t place your old paint cans in the bin either.

Little mine in Big Sur Perpetuating mercury contamination
Little mine in Big Sur Perpetuating mercury contamination from blogs.agu.org

For other regional areas contact your local council. Watch our latest videos teaching you all about which items you can and cannot recycle on the central coast. The central coast council’s events page on their website:

View A List Of Nsw Councils.

*up to 100l of paint (in 20l containers) now accepted at all sydney, hunter and illawarra events. Central county residents and qualified small businesses only. Paint can be stored for up to ten years.

Central Coast Disposal County Transfer & Recycling:

This facility is located at 1700 south old kings road, about 1.5 miles south of state road 100. Maximum container size of 20kg or 20l per item. Unwanted or expired medicines should be returned to a local pharmacy for safe disposal.

You Can Safely Dispose Of Your Old Flares At One Of The Roads And Maritime Collections In November, January And April.

Take the old gasoline to a household hazardous waste collection event if one is held in the area or a permanent collection site if one has been. Cleanout is a free service for the safe disposal of a range of common household chemicals, many of which could cause harm if not disposed correctly. Used and unwanted paint is some of the most common liquid waste found in landfills.

Homeowners Or Businesses Who Have Ever Wondered Does Sherwin Williams Take Used Paint Will Be Happy To Know That Disposal Pickup Service Is Available For Businesses And Homeowners.

Most auto stores charge a deposit that is returned when you turn in your old battery. The best way for households is through the cleanout program. I know we’ve got some old paint tins waiting for careful disposal.

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Importantly, paintback is driven by the australian paint industry and the major companies that supply around 95% of all the architectural and decorative (a&d) paint sold in australia. Old paint collected from a residence. Make sure you check your local council's preferences before deciding on how you will dispose of your paint products.

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