Painting A Bathtub And Shower

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Painting A Bathtub And Shower. It usually comes in a spray can and should be applied in light, even strokes. Here’s a reminder of what our tub looked like before i got started.

How to Paint your Bathtub and Shower Tile The DIY
How to Paint your Bathtub and Shower Tile The DIY from

Once it’s mixed together, pour it into a paint pan. If necessary, mix up a new batch of paint and apply a third coat of epoxy. Using a foam roller, start to paint the areas that are hard to reach first.

Painting The Shower Area Of A Bathroom Is Completely Unlike Painting Any Other Room In The House, And It Might Be A Big Mistake To Simply Slap On A Coat.

No use in perking up your bathtub and shower with new paint if you’re just going to put the same old corroded faucet, handle and shower head. I’m not gonna lie, those first few strokes of paint were a tad terrifying. For tubs, it's common to start with the bottom, then do the sides, then the top, then the front.

I Gave It About 45 Minutes To An Hour Between Each Coat.

Clean up brushes using isopropyl alcohol. Step 1.) turn off the water supply to your tub or shower. Be patient when painting your bathtub.

Follow The Instructions On The Box Of The Refinishing Kit.

Next, sand the entire bathtub using wet/dry sandpaper: Don’t expect all faucet systems to be created equal. Instructions on the kit are straight forward:

Apply, Let To Dry, Sand, And Then Paint Over.

Remove all sanding dust from the bathtub with a damp cloth or a tack cloth. A thick coat of paint will drip, run, and sag, leaving a poor finish on your tub. Apply a thin coat of paint.

Follow The Curves Of The Tub As Best As You Can.

Once you have taken all of the information in, it’s time to get started! Use wet/dry sandpaper, and sand it with 400 grit sandpaper first, and then do it again with 600 grit sandpaper. Be sure to use a 1/4″ short nap roller.

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