Painting A Stone Fireplace Hearth

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Painting A Stone Fireplace Hearth. Brush on latex paint in 1 or 2 coats. No comments how to paint a stone fireplace concrete hearth look like in my own style i need help for ugly can it laurel home pin on because t decorate by myself marble four easy steps average but inspired coating create you update with love our real life painted makeover the little should cast

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When you have successfully sanded down your hearth, the next step is to apply a coat of latex brick primer on your hearth. Updating a fireplace hearth with paint & stencil. Tape off areas around the mantel surround.

If You’ve Inherited A Stone Fireplace You Don’t Love, Or You Are Building A New House, Read This Before You Start!

Brush on latex paint in 1 or 2 coats. When it comes to protecting your fireplace hearth throughout the painting procedure, the only way for you to protect your floor is to use a drop cloth. Once the primer dries, you can go on and apply a coat of latex paint.

Painting A Stone Fireplace Hearth.

I chose purdy products for painting my stone fireplace. Whitewashing will keep some of the original color to blend with the hearth, without painting the hearth. We have a huge fireplace made of stone found on the property (there is a center stone carved with 1885 on the hearth) that looks similar to yours so your post validated my desire to paint ours.

I Did This 2 Years Ago And It Still Looks Perfect.

Prepping the stone fireplace for painting is probably the most important part of doing the job right. It wouldn’t have offended me so much if it didn’t have 80s pink hues blended in. Sand going with the grain of the wood (not in circles) to rough up the surface.

Prime And Paint The Fireplace.

You guys already know i’ve been using purdy brushes for years, and i’m proud to have them sponsor this project. With a large old farmhouse i can always look around and come up with, “what to do next?” reply. They’ve been a trusted american company for almost 100 years.

Lay Down The Drop Cloth And Remove Any Accessories From The Area.

The type of paint you need depends on the type of lining you have in your fireplace. Then to tie everything together, i was going to cut/fit pieces of the the natural stone panel (same stone that’s around fireplace), and install those fitted pieces along the 3 inch lip that extends the 11 foot length of the hearth. Tape off areas around the mantel surround.

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