Painting Tile Backsplash With Chalk Paint

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Painting Tile Backsplash With Chalk Paint. A quick and easy project for beginners! The results were gorgeous and i’m so happy with the look of the bathroom.

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Adding extra powder won’t hurt your paint in any way—it can only help your paint bond. For tile, i added a little more paint transformer than i usually would. I did every other tile on the first round, then did the remaining tiles once the first ones were dry.

Once Dry, Begin To Apply The Surface Paint The Same Way As You Applied The Primer:

This tile painting idea is so quick and easy and there were only a few steps involved in the whole process. In our case, we applied two coats of surface paint with one coat of primer. Allowing it to do its job of degreasing and cutting through grit and grime.

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In this email i will give you a short description of what i did and also some before and after photos. If painting tile is just too wild for your taste, try one of these 14 creative kitchen backsplash ideas. You can apply it with a brush or a paint roller, it dries quickly and it’s waterproof.

How Do You Cover Old Ceramic Tile?

It’s usually a 2 day affair of making. As always, i used chalk/mineral paint i made myself with bb frösch paint transformer. Mix the appropriate amount of white lightening cleaner with water (per the directions) and spray the tile liberally….letting the cleaner run across both tile and grout….

Updating Your Backsplash Is A High Impact Diy That Is Unbelievably Quick And Easy.

Since ceramic tile is pretty slick and less porous, i added half again as much powder as the directions call for to help with bonding. As a general rule, artisan enhancements top coat sealers or annie sloan’s lacquer are the other topcoats. I mixed 3 tablespoons of bb frösch paint transformer with 2 tablespoons of water.

This Chalk Paint Recipe Works Really Well And I Have Used It Many Times.

I let it dry 24 hours in between coats. Christy uses the abrasive side of a sponge and method cleaners to keep her backsplash spot free. (and i am not one to shy away from painting tricky surfaces.

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