Painting While Pregnant Canada

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Painting While Pregnant Canada. I'm really confused on this subject. I was planning on painting my nursery this weekend, anyone know if it is harmful to the baby?

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I don't paint regularly, obviously as i'm 23w4d and asking this question just now haha, but i do want to do some painting. I plan to paint it myself because dh is a terrible painter lol. I have an appointment tomorrow so i will ask tomorrow.

Would You Paint With This?

Research into paint exposure during pregnancy hasn't shown consistent results. However, i've read such varying things online about painting while pregnant that now i'm worried. Hi all, with nurseries coming our way, has anyone talked to their doctor in regards to painting while pregnant?

Respirator, Gloves And Long Sleeves.

Has anyone painted while pregnant? Can i help my boyfriend paint the house should i wear a mask and gloves? You can get a respirator from home depot, and the appropriate cartilage.

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Birth clubs all birth clubs groups by topic view all groups getting pregnant pregnancy baby toddler family life grief and loss en français regional groups. I forgot to ask my ob at last appointment and we’ll be moving in a couple weeks, and we plan to paint the whole house top to bottom. How many of you painted your nursery ??

I Have A Project I Started Before I Was Pregnant, Painting My Kitchen And Trim.

He said he'd paint it but i don't know if i'm able to be in the house while he is or if i can help paint but wear a mask. But i'm reallllly needing to paint certain areas. Is this enough or still unsafe?

Anyone Else Paint While Pregnant?

I want to finish it today because my family is coming up to visit us this weekend. I would like to paint a few furniture pieces. Studies haven't been able to measure the exact amount of paint.

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