Pour Painting Swipe Technique

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Pour Painting Swipe Technique. Leave a reply cancel reply. Blow painting is a fun way to move the poured paint around your rock.

Acrylic pour art swipe technique YouTube
Acrylic pour art swipe technique YouTube from www.youtube.com

Gather your supplies, mix your paint, pour your base, swipe, torch, and finally tilt and add paint to cover. Blow painting is a fun way to move the poured paint around your rock. Just watch how olga soby does it in the next video (minute 2:15).

The Swipe Technique In Fluid Acrylics Is Another Method Of Spreading The Paint That Can Give Really Good Results And Quite Often Produce Great Cells With An Additive Like Floetrol.

Pour painting with acrylics is taking youtube, facebook, and the rock painting community by storm. I used up some paints that i have left from previous pours in a straight pour and did some swipes and end up with an interesting painting with a snake and a dragon. You must be logged in to.

Lucky For Me, I Got An.

This technique has a slight modification of the regular pour painting with funnel technique mentioned above. You create the ripples in the painting by lifting the funnel up and down as you release the paint onto the canvas. Sometimes you want to go beyond the basic pour.

This Allows The Paint To Flow.

This will create cells in their pour painting. A fluid acrylic painting on canvas.products: Place a stripe of the color you want to swipe with in the area where you.

Craft Sticks For Mixing Pouring Medium And Paint.

Amazing cells and glossy finish! With the ghost pour, you swipe from the middle of the canvas creating mirrored patterns. Simple swipe technique for cells.

How To Do Ghost Pour:

You’ll be mastering this popular pour painting technique before you know it! Ღ⁀* your fantasy world *⁀ღ. The ghost pour technique is a variation of the swipe pour technique.

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