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Set Background To Drawable Android. Step 3 − add the following code to src/ And custom drawable is not working as well.

android How to set the background resource of a button
android How to set the background resource of a button from

Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. For example, you can use a shapedrawable object to set the background of a view by passing it to the setbackgrounddrawable() method of the view. * the value 0 is an invalid identifier.

For Example I Created A Drawable Xml File For My Textview When I Call Tv.setbackgro.

No idea what i am. Managed to do it with a single background drawable and a compound drawable on the edittext. Step 1 − create a new project in android studio, go to file ⇒ new project and fill all required details to create a new project.

I Wrote An App That Lets People Select An Image (Drawable) And After They Hit The Set As Background Button The Selected Image Should Appear Centered As The Background Of My Phone.

* * @param id the desired resource identifier, as generated by the aapt tool. How can i set an xml background file that placed in drawable for a view without using @suppresslint(newapi) ? With paddingleft the icon padding inside the grey box and drawablepadding the padding inside the grey box + padding of the edit zone.

In My Application I Have Something Like This:

5 answers active oldest votes. This example demonstrates how do i set background drawable programmatically in android. But this is not wor.

* <P> * Starting In {@Link}, The Returned * Drawable Will Be Styled For The Specified Context's Theme.

Hey, i am trying to do a task only if the background image of an image button is a certain drawable resource. Stack overflow for teams where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers; Stack overflow public questions & answers;

For Example, You Can Use A Shapedrawable Object To Set The Background Of A View By Passing It To The Setbackgrounddrawable() Method Of The View.

If i set android:background in the xml of the layout, it works fine, but i need to change it in code. <button android:layout_width=wrap_content android:layout_height=40dp android:gravity=center android. 10 create a resource in drawable (like files_bg.xml) folder and set it as background for layout.

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