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Van Gogh Most Expensive Picture. He used to call this painting as “the lightning conductor for my. Irises by vincent van gogh.

Van Gogh Still Life Could See 50 Million at Sotheby’s
Van Gogh Still Life Could See 50 Million at Sotheby’s from

Although van gogh painted many nocturnal scenes during his lifetime, the starry night became his most famous. Van gogh was also thrilled about it, thinking how the painting truly brings joseph’s character. Van gogh called it the lightning conductor for by.

That Being Said, The Starry Night’s Price Tag Isn.

In 1989 the museum of modern art in new york bought this painting from a private collection in zurich for $58 million (£36.7 million). This painting was painted by vincent van gogh in 1889 in france. Whilst in part this may be true, in reality his innovative and unique.

However, It’s Likely Worth Far More Today When Inflation Is Taken Into Account.

Vincent van gogh painted this while he was in asylum in the last year before his death. This portrait is one of van gogh's most famous paintings. These were sold by heirs of jacques koerfer in 1998.

Instead Selling In 1990 For $86 Million To A Japanese Businessman With A Penchant For Fine Art, And With An Adjusted Price Now Of.

This painting was sold in 1987 for 53.9 million. Vincent van gogh’s most famous paintings 1. At the time, this was one of the most expensive paintings of van gogh’s to be sold.

The List Is According To The Adjusted Prices (September, 2014).

Today the adjusted price would be $113 million. Vincent painted it in the year before his death and referred to as the “the lightning conductor for my illness. In 1962, the mona lisa was valued at $100 million as well.

The Most Expensive Van Gogh Painting.

The hammer price was $34m, almost at the top of the. Van gogh is famous not just for his paintings, but also for cutting off. Irises (1889) among van gogh’s most celebrated works are his paintings and prints of irises and this painting is the most famous among them.

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