Watercolor Painting Tree Step By Step

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Watercolor Painting Tree Step By Step. These would be fun to draw during the winter months. Painting a watercolor tree step by step:

How to paint a tree step by step with watercolor...Tree ki
How to paint a tree step by step with watercolor…Tree ki from www.youtube.com

If you are unsure, always stay with the lighter washes, it’s easy to go darker later. Sketch the outline of the tree. These would be fun to draw during the winter months.

Whether You’re A Beginner Or Advanced Artist, You Will Enjoy This Class.

Wetting the paper carefully won’t remove the graphite. If you are using watercolor cakes, apply the paint by tapping your paintbrush onto the paper. The trunk of the tree should slowly get smaller as you paint upwards.

To Bring Life To Your Tree Painting, Consider Where The Sunlight Will Hit The Tree.

It’s a good idea to make a quick sketch of the tree before you start painting. Sketch the main branches coming off the trunk and subdividing out into smaller branches. In this particular case i wanted individual leaves to be discernible.

Leaves Look Stunning In Watercolors!

You can sharpen your paint brush if it has a wooden handle, i prefer not to do this so instead you can use a stick from your garden and sharpen it with a knife or a folded paper clip. Here i used a stretching board. Apply color dots onto the paper.

Dip Your Round Brush Into The Dark Brown Paint Mixture And Begin Painting Starting At An Inch Of The Way Up From The Bottom Of Your Paper.

Sketch the outline of the tree. Painting watercolor trees and leaves can seem challenging because of the amount of details you need to render to make them look realistic. As we learned from the tree video above:

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Start by painting the main trunk using your brush, then using your stick or paper. Jennifer branch has a great tutorial on how to create this pine tree full of movement. You can see the entire process via video here.

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