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Will Oak Grain Show Through Paint. However, i do have a solution if you want smooth cabinets for your painting project! Annie updated this old oak cupboard using a simple wash of chalk paint®.

How to Hide Wood Grain on (Kitchen Makeover, part
How to Hide Wood Grain on (Kitchen Makeover, part from www.pinterest.com

Because i was using chalk paint and wax, i didn’t want the wax settling into the grain, so i had to figure out how to hide it. Check out this post on ways to minimize the grain when painting oak cabinets. But, many people tackle a project like painting their old oak cabinets and don’t realize until after the fact that oak has a very deep grain.

So Instead Of Replacing Those Oak Cabinets, Paint Them!

This post may contain affiliate links. We do this by applying multiple. How to paint over oak wood kitchen cabinets.

However, In Our Research, It Is What All Cabinet Painters Recommend.

Remember, oak cabinets are solid and wonderful, but the grain will really show through unless you are extremely careful. Filling wood grain is time consuming, but it creates a modern and uplifted. Through the texture of the wood and also the grain bleeding through the paint.

Maple Or Cherry Wood Cabinets Do Not Have This Grainy Texture, But Painting The Oak Cabinets Becomes A Problem Because Of Its Wood Grain.

Annie updated this old oak cupboard using a simple wash of chalk paint®. Now, one question i’ve been getting a lot on my tiktok videos about this painting process is whether the oak grain shows on painted cabinets. For this purpose, the best method is to spackle the surface to get rid of the.

Plus, You Need To Get A Product To Fill The Wood Grain, A Great Primer, And A High Quality Paint.

Sometimes people like that…and sometimes they don’t. After doing a little research, here’s what i ended up doing to hide the wood grain on our oak vanities. Oak is probably the most popular type of wood that we spray at paint it like new!

I Personally Find That The.

Annie finished the piece with clear chalk paint® wax to protect it. I just redid my oak natural cabinets but i used general finishes chalk paint (3 coats) and i did not use a primer. After a couple coats of ob cover stain, the grain is hidden pretty well.

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