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With Flying Colors Idiom Meaning. The phrase originated in the. The idiom ‘with flying colors’ originated with the practice of victorious ships flying flags, or ‘colors’ from their masthead to announce their victory as they sailed back into port.

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If you pass a test with flying colours,.: Below is a list of idiomatic expressions related to colour: With flying colors is an idiom.

The Money Spent On That New Monument In The Centre Of Town Was A Complete Waste Of Time.

I hope you pass with flying colors on your final exam! Do sth on the fly idiom(s): What does with flying colors expression mean?

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To have everything in place to succeed or to see a good result. Define pass with flying colors. A noun or pronoun can be used between pass and with to specify what has been passed.

With Flying Colours Meaning, Definition, What Is With Flying Colours:

To be flying the colors meant the ship had won. Probation was not a problem for him. Flying colors definition, flags or ensigns flown on a ship.

Win, Succeed, As In She Came Through The Bar Exam With Flying Colors.

He passed his exams with flying colours. Bilingual editions offer the meaning and literal translation of each idiom in a second language to support english language learners. Pass with flying colors to win, achieve, or accomplish something exceptionally well or very successfully.

Said Especially Of A Test, Examination, Or Training Of Some Kind.

With flying colours (with flying colors in american english) is a popular idiom of the english language that is used to describe how well someone has completed a task. Fun idiom activities for use in. To be flying the colors meant the ship had won.

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