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Rattle Can Paint Job Reddit. Keep in mind, i did not paint the bed, only the rails and troop. I may see if my local job shop is open and get auto paint in cans rather than the rustoleum rattle cans i have.

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Joined jun 30, 2021 messages 50 reactions 52 points 18. I will be going military reserves before the end of this summer, and the truck could use a paint job so naturally my inner redneck said to go. If you keep the nozzles and tubes soaked.

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Start date mar 7, 2014; You are going to clear the doors? Currently fixing up an old vt1100 tank.

I'll Let The Pics Speak For Themselves.

You get a new nozzle and tube each time. This isnt a flat black rattle can job is it? Look, i'm the first to say a spray paint rattle can job can be made to look good.

What Is The Best Brand On Spray Paint For The Job?

I've got a wood stock i'm going to rattle can soon, too. Do as you would with real paint and put on multiple coats rather than one heavy coat. Move can in straight pattern like a real paint job.

I Have Rattle Can Paint Job Questions.

May 22, 2020 #36/97 hillx21 said: 1 of 3 go to page. I know some people hate it too.

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Rattle can paint job reddit. May 1, 2016 #43 our method may not have been exactly by the tacom guidance. However its the extra steps and extra coats that negate what you would have saved by buying the paint and guns yourself.

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