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Remove Painted Popcorn Ceiling Reddit. So my popcorn ceiling needs to go. Once i managed to get some off, to my surprise i did not see drywall underneath but this awkward surface instead, which is.

How to remove popcorn ceilings
How to remove popcorn ceilings from

Something you would obtain if you threw sand to a newly painted ceiling, then painted again. Considering between attempting it myself (~2,40 … press j to jump to the feed. Popcorn ceiling remove & paint recommendation.

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Removing a painted popcorn ceiling is awful. I have popcorn ceilings throughout my house, and i recently started the process of removing them. The ceiling in our house (built in 1984) is … press j to jump to the feed.

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Posted by 7 years ago. No asbestos, but the paint makes scraping this stuff off, even wetted, an absolute nightmare and we're left with thoroughly gouged drywall. Scraped off painted popcorn ceiling.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Best way to remove popcorn ceiling? Getting it off is the least of your problems if your house.

However, Whatever Paint They Used In My House Is Some Sort Of Thick Latex Paint.

It's not dangerous if you leave it alone, but if the asbestos is disturbed, it could be harmful. So we took down the popcorn ceiling in a couple rooms via water spray and scraper. Hi, i have some ceilings in my house that are what i call nearly popcorn ceiling.

Something You Would Obtain If You Threw Sand To A Newly Painted Ceiling, Then Painted Again.

But is it really that easy? Tried wet, very wet, and dry scraping methods. Also do we install pot lights before or after removing the popcorn ceiling?

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